02 August, 2008

Neat sh*t and geloscopy....

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

sshhh! The goddess shops at Goodwill. The goddess likes shopping at Goodwill, and Salvation Army and any other thrift store I can find. (That's why the goddess' house is buried to the eyeballs in neat sh*t! as her dh says!)

I like seeing what other people once thought was neat sh*t. We like cruising for SCA stuff.

My dd likes to occasionally find the uniquely cool piece of clothing that fits her personal style better than the current Britney Spears/Paris Hilton slut look that's in all the stores.This jacket she wore to a semi-formal awards ceremony at school was one of her finds. (After we'd struck out in all the normal clothing stores looking for something special that wouldn't make her look inappropriate.) It had cool material and loop buttons that go halfway down the front. It looks really cute on her. Sorry my pictures don't do her justice. :(

My ds is usually bored by it all (there are no decent electronics or video games!

But me, the goddess, I LOVE to look at what books people have discarded and see what treasures I can find in their midst. And so I found this one....

The Word Museum by Jeffrey Kacirk. This is such a cool book!

Where else can you find out you're a crastine because you put stuff off from day to day? And that to baffound someone is to stun and perplex them? Maybe I should have been the baffounding goddess? Nah. People are puzzled enough by me as it is!

And to answer the $64K question....geloscopy is to do divination by means of laughter. So hopefully you've gotten a chuckle or two out of this.

I've been known to get my jawing-tacks on board and to kiss the cap, but I've never had a key of the street. :)

blessings from a monsterful and puzzled goddess...

01 August, 2008


Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

I now know how cats must feel when they have a hairball. I thought I knew, when I was pregnant, TWICE, and was throwing up my toenails for the full 10 MONTHS of the grueling ordeal, multiple times per day....but I was wrong.

I have now started losing so much hair to thyroid disease that I find it EVERYWHERE. And I swear to all the gods that I tie it back at all times...even in a BRAID. But the d*mn stuff leaps off my head and junps into whatever I'm doing! Take a bath, end up with long strands of hair wrapped through unmentionable places. Take a nap, end up with long strands of hair tickling your nose or forhead blowing in the wind from my CPAP. Make food, invariably SOMEONE ends up with a strand or two in whatever they are eating. It's a conspiracy, they can't all be mine...but I've got the longest hair in the house! aargh....

The final straw was my egg salad sandwich last night. I ate it; it tasted fine; I then noticed the feeling of a strand of hair on my tongue....as I pulled the 12 inch long piece out I choked and gagged just like my cats! I looked at it, to make sure it was mine....but I couldn't blame it on anyone else. It's gray.

It's the silly things that puzzle me most :)

Blessings from a puzzled goddess

31 July, 2008

Some tea...supposed to be good for you......

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

I want to be like Mikee, especially if the food that people want me to put in my mouth is GREEN!

I know that there are more nutrients in green stuff, and since leaving my mom's house, I've discovered that all things that are cooked and green don't have to be mush...I sometimes will eat the green guck I force feed my family.

But why does green tea have to be so GREEN? And smell like canned spinach water, ugh! It's like the poor little tea leaves jumped into the cup and committed suicide because they were embarrassed by the smell. I've read multiple articles and even a book or two about the benefits of tea, especially green tea, and they have assured me that green tea is not called green because of the color....couldn't prove it by my cup.

And it tastes like fermented spinach water as well. The only brand that tastes halfway decent so far is Tazo tea. I've got a whole lot of the Stash stuff I'm trying to drink because I want to support local business, but jeez, if I wasn't trying for this getting healthy thing it would be straight into the garbage. Aagh! Maybe if I hold my nose while I swallow?

90 days and counting from kicking the aspartame habit and switching to teas or waters....still haven't had a pain free day, but I'm not any worse so that's a blessing.

Maybe I can feed it to the jolly green giant? Oh, here sprout.....

A goddess puzzled by why it's green.

30 July, 2008

Mission organization, mission too many books, mission ......impossible!

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

My DH and I have a bet.
I think I'm going to win.
I'm not sure I want to.

For the last few months I've been trying to organize our books, as a first step to organizing our videos, dvds, cds, tapes, and photos. Oh sh*t! I'm going to be buried alive before I'm done!

But anyway, the bet. I bet him that we had WELL over 2,000 books...he thinks we have about 2,000. I'm thinking more like 6,000. Even when you consider the 70-100 periodicals that are in our library, or the maybe 100 books I've added that I borrowed from libraries and input my reviews for into our library. (listed here) I think we have waaaay too many books. I know, all my bibliophile friends are cringing even as they read this. *grin* But I still have crates and boxes of unpacked books from our move over 2 YEARS ago! The local friends of the library and Goodwill will probably get a windfall once we decide what we can bear to part with.

We bought more bookshelves...my whole living room wall has been taken over by them. They've been there long enough that the creeping crud of detritus that accumulates on all horizontal surfaces is starting to infect them. We are now over 600 books in my online listing, and I don't have the whole bookcase full, and I'm far from having entered even a small portion of our library....eeek! I knew books had taken over my house. 1300 sqft of piles and boxes of books. OMG! it's silverfish heaven right here in the Gorge!

Notice from the photo that the only shelf that has been loaded 'correctly' is my dh's gaming books, but this isn't even the half of them! The middle bookcase is the start of my illumination and calligraphy library. The books are so many different sizes that I'm confuseld (like confused but worse) over how to fit them in and keep them organized.

The bet...well the prize is a book of the winner's choice of course!

Blessings to all from a puzzled goddess buried in books.

28 July, 2008

Horrible Blogs to sing along and Joss Whedon as a favorite...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

I miss Joss Whedon...I miss Buffy, I miss Angel, I miss Firefly and now I'll probably miss Dr Horrible.

Just HAVE to share this with those who didn't see it. Based on the previews I was't going to watch it.

Since it was Joss Whedon we couldn't give it a miss and it snuck into our hearts. The things it makes you think about while being silly (a lot of Joss Whedon' s stuff does that to me. ) This is posted out at myspace on their videos...maybe it will disappear soon too.

Check out this video: Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog - Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog

Check out this video: Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog - Act Two

Check out this video: Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog - Act Three

Yes, Hammer is a corporate TOOL! LOL
It's a weird show that makes me root for the bad guy.

Blessings and many interesting thoughts to you from a puzzled goddess

Chick lit, road rash and whiners...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

Okay, the goddess went to a little theater on Clinton Street and watched a motorcycle movie with her dh and a few friends. "The Girl on the Motorcycle" (c1968)

This movie would have qualified as chick lit, before chick lit even got the title. We had a whiny, adolescent female character, cheating on her husband (of 2 ever lasting and oh, so horrendously boring months) with a controling, arrogant and sarcastic professor who seduced little teenagers like her on the side of his teaching. (At least she wasn't a student of his.)

This movie had very little to redeem it in my eyes. The acid induced psychedelic pseudo sex scenes kept making me wonder who had gotten loose with the photoshop solarizing, and the birds that had been added as an effect in the first part of the movie and interspersed throughout made me think of Hitchcock's classic, "The Birds."

I have to admit that the shot of the hose going into the gas tank and her repeated attempts to use her motorcycle as a huge vibrator were very humorous. I probably will let the DH buy the uncut European version titled, "Naked Under Leather," which hasn't been cut to crap, but was originally rated X. But gee, the Girl on a Motorcycle version we saw was considered a really hard R in 1968. It probably wouldn't have rated much beyond a PG-13 now, especially if the shot of her leaving the bed full frontal nude was left out. (I have a hard time watching a 40 year old movie of a nude...I somehow can't help picturing in my mind what she might look like now....uck! TMI!)

I'm not sure why motorcycle riders like this movie. Most of the "rides" were done with the actress standing over the motorcycle in front of a movie screen of the scenery and the director's credibility was really stretched every time she smiled really big and didn't have to pick bugs out of her teeth, or closed her eyes as she was masturbating herself on her motorcycle, or the scenery rolled around behind her again and showed her passing the same cars.

The actual riding shots that were pretty obviously done by a stuntman were kinda cool, and it was a neat bike....maybe the other version will be better? But I doubt it. It was good for a few laughs and was REALLY hard to take seriously as an R or X movie...but I will admit, for 1968 it was cutting edge.

I think, for sheer riding enjoyment, I'd rather watch this...

Of course, my dh won't let me get away with telling him I ALREADY bought him a Harley :)

ttfn and open roads to you all from a puzzled goddess

27 July, 2008

Social grease, the falls on a faucet, and cooking fires...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

My daughter hates cooking. How can one of my descendants HATE cooking? Cooking is good for the soul. It allows you to express your love and caring to others in a tangible way through your efforts.

Of course, if the last 3 or 4 times I'd cooked for my loving friends they had told me that I really shouldn't try to cook, I'd probably hate cooking too (or maybe turn the hate-on to my 'loving' friends!...hmph! that's the bitch goddess in me I suppose!)

This was supposed to be a post about cooking, but I'm wandering off the subject, as usual, I think what I really want to puzzle about is politenes, gratitude, and all that other social grease that so many people think is unnecessary. As a goddess, I find it very necessary. People in this world are hateful enough without adding to those feelings out of ignorance or sheer thoughtlessness.

A magic 'please' or 'thank you' and a smile can go a long way toward people feeling less nasty during their day.

When we moved to our current town a few years ago, I really thought the people here were some of the rudest I had ever met, no smiles, no helpful attitude, no refills, all gruff and 'here's your change' as they dump it in your hand when you buy something. I really couldn't understand it in a tourist town.

Then, the goddess was enlightened. My nephew, poor boy, has lived in this town his entire life. He has held jobs here. We were having dinner with him (at a really cool Chinese Buffet we found that has NO MSG! WOot! It hasn't got that great of reviews, but there is always something new there for me to try...peppered squid, sushi, octopus, dim sum) and I expressed how hard I found the rudeness of the clerks, etc in town to deal with and how it surprised me in a tourist town. His answer was that it was BECAUSE it was a tourist town and according to his experience...some tourists are really stupid...

Okay....? Had I heard the one about the tourist from back East who asked him when did they turn the Falls off for the night? (Multnomah Falls) ??? huh

Or then there was the one (sitting in a dining room almost under the bridge) who asked if the Bridge of the Gods went all the way across the river? (my dh told my nephew he should have said ....welll....only if you get a run at it.)

Then there was the tourist who asked what that island was over there across the lake (the 'island' being Washington State and the 'lake' being the Columbia River.)

So I guess maybe this goddess has to b*tch less about rude people and wonder why people who have seen me at least once a week for the past 3 years in a town of less than 2,000 might think I'm a tourist. :) huh... it's been a long time since I've been mistaken as dumb...maybe it's the grey in the hair and the missing teeth (until recently)....nah, nobody would think you were dumb just because you were old, right?

Hmmm....maybe this is teaching the goddess another lesson. "judge not..." or maybe just to, "consider the source..." or maybe just to not let them take your day. The day is yours to do with as you wish. Their rudeness or judgements should not allow it to be ruined because it is time you won't get back. I like that better.

Blessings from a Puzzled Goddess