29 May, 2009

Don't take it even if they offer...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

I made that mistake. It seemed so innocuous. How bad could it be. I'll try most things at least once. I've even tried sushi multiple times because people keep telling me that THIS piece is different, and I'm SURE to like it. NOPE. Not goin' there. Vinegar and I don't get along. Most acids and my stomach get along WAY too well. Not a fan of anything pickled in any way, shape, or form. Hmmm, kinda leaves sushi right off the list. Plus I'm not real big on the seaweed thing. Don't mind it in soup, or soap, or ice cream. You get the picture.

I'm a plebian at heart. My tastebuds are those of an uninformed 3 year old. Actually, when my kids were 3 year olds they would try more than I will. I've tried it, and I DON'T like it!

You know, this could be about so many things and only my dear husband, or those who know me really well would guess the real subject....freeze dried ice cream!

It has NONE of the benefits of real ice cream, the cold, the smooth, the texture, the yummy goodness. It is truly, pretty gross and has all of the ickiness of melted ice cream: the heavy taste on the tongue that coats it, the overly smooth and sweet flavor. Uck!

I even tried strawberry thinking it would be more innocuous than chocolate...nope. It's got a high ick factor!

Just putting it up there on the list with sushi and cinnamon on meat products as things I don't care to eat...oh, and processed cheese food...how can they even call it food?

from a puzzled goddess with the tastebuds of a three year old...nah if I was a three year old I'd probably eat that cheese stuff, huh?