12 April, 2011

The green and yellow that's NOT going to Estrella, or Pennsic....

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...
 Colors of glass in greens primarily because it was done as a
Hauksgar$r  prize piece. Bottom bead on this part of the
strand was work with specifially  applied stringer. 3rd
 from bottom was a failed englobing attempt and there are
4 different designs using dots.
 Lately I've been watching the You Tube and learning how other people do things and buying a great deal of Mapp-Pro bottles and burning the flame to wind that glass around thos steel mandrels to see what I can come up with.
 More dots! bead on top was tri-corner folded. The
next down was an attempt at a bicone bead. Then my
 first attempt at a mosaic bead. A folded and patterned
bead with stringer work. A bead with stringer work. A
dragon stamped focal bead. A folded bead, a folded and
patterned bead.
  I've made a few necklaces in the past that I've been okay, happy with and am now working on specific techniques.

This necklace combines quite a few of those techniques into a pleasing whole and adds a few new twists.  It was a donation to our Canton's fundraising coffers.

This side of the necklace contains the other mosaic I learned to do
while making this  necklace. The bicone, two cylinder beads
with multiple stringer and bicolored glass  overlaying or side to side.

Eye beads. A cylindrical bead for practice
 using side by side  laying techniques, raking
techniques to simulate techniques of actual
rocks and gems. a standard eyebead, a square
 eyebead,  a standard bead, 2 raked beads.
 polka dotted bead

My daughter did some "I wonder" type checking after I started making these donations and discovered that each glass, lampwoven bead in a necklace like this ran between $0.50-$5.00 in supplies alone depending on the color used and the time it takes to make (how much gas you are burning and how many steps there are in the process of what you are creating...and that doesn't include electric kiln cooldown time or any of that if it's available, or REALLY expensive glass. ;D She just wanted to ball park what we were handing away just in materials, minus our time.  There are about 35 glass beads in this necklace... so lets say about 12 are easy,  $ 0.50; about 8 are so-so $1.00;  about 6, are medium $ 2.50; 4 above average. $4.00, 4 really unusual $5.00, and one focus bead, $6-$10    igore the beading wire, findings, crimps, covers, jump rings,  $1.50,
metal spacer beads 6- 2 @ $.90 4@$.50

THIS particular necklace, cost wise, in materials alone, ran about $79-$90.  Supplies alone. Then you add my time and labor. :} I don't think the world is ready for this. It works out to roughly 8 1/4 hours.  So you've got another $43-85 added to that for actual labor costs.

In the bag raffle in netted about $27 worth of tickets. Excellent deal wasn't it? LOL The winning bidder put about $6 or $8 into that item I believe. Woot! I hope she likes it. We now have been told, only silent auctions from here on in. So....

I guess I'm always just amazed when I sit down and really put a 'price' or 'cost' on our SCA hobbies. LOL Now I know why I can't afford to buy other people's stuff, I'm too busy buying materials to make mine!
as always a goddess truly amazed by reality...