03 March, 2010

Just a quick eye on it

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

I had a call on Sunday from the on call doctor that I went to see on Saturday for the decreased vision in the eye with the cataract replacement. I guess I was the subject of a confab of doctors.

General consensus ended up being that I was to continue to double up the steroid eye drops for the rest of the day but then taper off that evening. But I needed to get to a pharmacy and pick up a prescription for systemic steroids. We ended up leaving the fighter practice and social time at Vindrbek a bit early, but we had to rush to the pharmacy before they closed 'cuz I had to get a whole lotta dosage in my stomach THAT night. Yuck!

I like that the doctors are on top of it, but when they move that fast, it's kind of disconcerting. Especially since I was seeing her the next afternoon.

I have now been told that the pressure in my eye is WAY down (good, good news for someone with the steroids shot in it). But I also now know that the cornea is swollen, the cells are floating in the front, and I have and area of cloudiness that formed with the cataract behind the lens as the cataract was forming that they tried to abrade off of the area during my surgery, but had no luck clearing. So I still have a cloudy layer in my eye and may need another surgery to clear my vision in 6 or 8 months. Again, if we can get the swelling under control.

I also found out why they went for the steroid shots instead of the systemic steroids to start with. THIS doctor actually answers questions. Systemic steroids are known to mess with diabetics blood sugars and to shoot them sky high and so they were holding off on using them as a last resort. They also wanted to have a last resort.

Okay, this treatment finally makes a little more sense. It still sucks that the treatment causes the blindness, but if you don't treat the edema in the back of the eye, you end up with damage to the optic nerve, which they can't treat at all. Permanent darkness.

Think I'll take the white cloud...but I sure wish the doctors had been more forthcoming about things. I've had as much if not more schooling than most of them and I get damn tired of being treated like a mushroom whenever it comes to my healthcare.

from the goddess of mushroomland

28 February, 2010

Not so Eye to Eye...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...
Today I got the scare of my life...my vision started to decrease again in the eye they just did surgery on. I spent 4 hours pacing and rereading, or failing to read, the same set of letters.

I finally called the on call opthamologist. We had to go down there and meet him at Casey Eye. He was a sweetheart and looked up and down and all around in the eye, looked at my chart and the notes and let me and the hubby know that it looked like some pigmented cells from them cutting around the pupil and freeing it to dilate were floating in my eye and obstructing the vision worse than it had been on Friday.

I also had a shocker and learned that my uveitus doctors hadn't bothered to tell me that one of the times they were treating "swelling" in the back of my eye they were actually treating me for a cyst on my retina. I HATE it when doctors don't tell me shit. This is a prime example of why I trust doctors SO MUCH! (Feel the heavy sarcasm?)

I'm home. I need to double up on the steroid drops I'm using and use them twice as often, and I have a whole new set of scarey symptoms to look for, but he really reassured me about how the eye was doing. And the pressure in the eye is down to a normal level from 30 on Friday to 16 today which is WAY good news.

from the two eyed goddess