04 June, 2016

Mint tea for me...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...
After sleeve bariatric surgery I was told to stop drinking carbonated beverages, and no caffeine. with the migraines I don't really drink caffeine anyway, but the carbonation was a BIG change. I used to never be seen without a diet pepsi in my hand. Then a diet Shasta when I realized how sensitive I was to aspartame. I now drink adult cool aid otherwise termed tisane, or herbal tea.

For a general, all around beverage that's cold, I normally drink some kind of mint infusion.
Here's what I think of the ones I've sampled.
Of the straight Peppermint teas I've tried the very cheap from the Dollar store which has almost nothing in the tea bags and costs as much as the Stash tea to buying my own loose organically grown peppermint leaves that I grind in a coffee mill. I like a smooth, light taste of peppermint that isn't overpowering that is sweetened quite a bit so I prefer the Stash peppermint. I don't know where they get their leaves, or what they do to them, but they are smooth and not harsh and nasty. The Bigelow tea peppermint has a harsh and heavy peppermint oil taste so it may be that their leaves are fresher, but I don't consider that a taste advantage in this situation.                                                                 

This Stash Moroccan Mint is one of my favorite teas. But it has green tea in it, and so it contains caffeine. I'm not allowed to indulge often. When I use this one bag is used in an entire pot so I don't overdo the caffeine allotment for the day. 

 The Bigelow Thin Mints tea is pretty good. It smells like a chocolate mint plant I had a few years ago until my black thumb killed it.  But this tea really only tastes good when it's hot. When it's cold it tastes like pretty nasty watery candy.

This Bigelow Plantation Mint is one of my all time favorite teas. I LOVE spearmint. unfortunately


this also has caffeine  in it so I can't really drink it anymore. I grind up spearmint leaves as well and that tastes good. The spearmint is less overpowering than the peppermint and so this tea is wonderful.

The Mint Medley is a nice blend of Spearmint and Peppermint. Once again, if they used the peppermint Stash uses, the tea would be better.

From the goddess trying to keep cool with mint...

03 June, 2016

One of my favorite restaurants...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...I know it's silly to think so much of a fast food place, but this one...I just like the way they put the landscaping in, and they serve a Sobe I can drink that's not carbonated that I mix with their tea.

It's located out near where Powell Blvd meets Burnside Rd in Gresham. The few buses that go to this area only run intermittently and stop early so it's easy to get stranded without a way to head back west for those of us who can't drive. The Panda Express that is much closer to me just doesn't have the same ambiance and doesn't carry the Sobe. So it's not the same.

I like eating their kid's meal, with string bean chicken and steamed vegetables. They actually serve more vegetables than a few pieces of broccoli, carrots and cabbage. I wish some of their other entrees had an option to get sauce on the side or came without breading. I really dislike breaded meat smothered in a sweet sauce. All it does is up the calories for no real taste addition. Just slime. Uck. But the Kung Pao is okay as well.

I really stop here more because it's restful and I like the way it looks and feels...so sue me!

from a puzzled goddess scarfing fast food Chinese...num...