12 April, 2010

Eye strain...and growing tolerant to modern meds

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

I'm getting tired of posting these updates...and I'm sure others are tired of reading them. But it beats having to tell you all ad nauseum in person all the health woes of the woefully insane who has Hashimoto's (Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, diabetes, arthritis, and, and,....bleck).

For those who haven't looked it up yet, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is another cute imune system disorder that doctors can't really treat. It normally starts with attacking your thyroid, thus the name, but when it's under control in the thyroid arena, it can chose other organs of your body to attack, just like lupus and sarcoidosis are known to do.

Some of the people that I know that have it, are theorizing that mine chose my left eye to attack.

It's as good a theory as any other, since this is exactly the theory the doctors came up with...they were just trying to assign sarcoidosis to it...it seems that the doctors at Casey Eye haven't met Hashimoto's yet. Doctor Dreamy meet Hashimoto's Thryroiditis, Hashimoto's meet Dr. Dreamy. otherwise known as an escapee from the cast of "Grey's Anatomy." (I swear to God it is true! LOL.) I think the doctors up on the hill need to pass a casting call as well as an IQ test and medical school in order to work there. Hmmm! I wonder how that's included in the job anouncement?

But, back to the serious stuff of updates...the vision is at a blurry 20/60 now with my corrective lenses and isn't going to get much better. I can see to do close work illumination and such without my glasses much better than with them. It seems pretty solid that I will end up having the laser outpatient surgery to correct the rest of the blurry vision. I still have a seriously weak eyelid on that side and the eye muscles get VERY sore very quickly with use, but I am trying to push them in order to get the peripheral vision back.

Other than the eye, the meds for the cluster migraines have pretty well stopped working on a daily basis so I am back to most days being at a 8 or 9 on a pain scale. It will probably take me a while to adjust again to that level of pain and the associated lack of conscentration and cognitive function it allows me. I'm trying to avoid the snappiness and grouchies that I know go with the chronic pain in the head.

Been there, done that, I own a closet and dresser full of those tee shirts. It just gets tiring not to be able to think or form a sentence and to have the people around you talk over you and complete everything you say.

One bright spot on this~! with the migraines back I can't really feel the arthritis in my back and the joint degeneration in my neck. LOL

So unless we go 4 wheeling in the woods, or I'm sleeping too long my head is out screaming my spine. The silver lining to every cloud. I still need the meds to get around when my head drops below a 7 or so...cuz the back pain is above that...gee, doesn't THAT make me a fun date at Christmas? LOL And to think my daughter is cringing because she's looking into a possible future...

Love and kisses and blessing to you all from the poster child and goddess of
it doesn't kill you it just makes you wish you were dead