17 September, 2009

Of favors and Being the inspiration...

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

I have been my fighter's inspiration before. I've made a favor before, and had it hang on his belt. He fought for me in a Crown. I watched him lose in two rounds, and then I commiserated with him over his loss. I knew much less of fighting then, having never marshalled or gotten into armor myself.

We went through a breakup as lovers do... I then had it given back to me and told that maybe I should give it to my new guy.... ? That was such a classless comment that I wondered why I had ever given out a favor in the first place.

It's also probably the reason that I've resisted making favors for any of the people that I truly love that I play with in the SCA that I should proudly ask to display my favor on their belt, arm, around their head, or neck....or anywhere else we deem appropriate. ;D

That new guy, became my husband of the last 17 years and my lord and the general guy that I consider an inspiration to live with. I took a favor and tokens class at Sport of Kings this last year given by Mistress Cymbric of the Isles, OL that totally rejuvenated my interest and love for the thought of being an inspiration and giving a symbol of that. But, since I absolutely suck at hand work, and it takes me forever, the real favor, a torse for my lord's helm is taking longer and longer it seems, but since his new helm THAT I BOUGHT HIM LAST YEAR is STILL not riveted so that he can wear it! I'm probably right up with his schedule. ;D

But my sweet daughter did her father proud and gave him a very meaningful favor full of symbolism to wear on his arm while he is fighting, it includes one of the first beads that she has made as a lampworker that was in his colors. It also includes two coin blanks for him to be placed on his eyes at "death" to pay the ferryman to cross the river. Such a creative addition to a favor! And each element has a symbolism to it that she explained at the firelit ceremony where she presented it to him.

I had to make do with a temporary favor to let him know how close he held my heart as he fought in Crown lists that day and how close he holds it every day. The picture at the beginning of this post was taken by Talon in the SCA who caught us as King Cedric was giving his invocation, and we were seriously considering the duties and responsibilities that go along with the wearing of the crowns of AnTir.

I'm still working on that favor. I'm still proud of my lord and the chivalry he shows and the love he shows for me daily, let alone the love and enthusiasm he has for this organization and it's ideals and fun. The group that is forming, it's people and our emerging traditions are just as inspiring to me as my husband is in everyday life. ;D

from a goddess who is inspired

16 September, 2009

No, he didn't hit me in the eye.

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

To those who have been following the progress, or lack thereof...the cataract surgery is a no-go, at least until after Christmas it looks like. Not like I was really looking forward to somebody that looks young enough to almost be my daughter at this point approaching my eye with a laser and breaking up the lens in the back of my eye. Then inserting a new lens through the incision and letting it unfurl in the place the old one was in before it was liquified by the laser...yeah, sounds like something I want to experience on a daily basis...not...for those who didn't catch the sarcasm that was dripping from those words. And the rank fear.

But, sight for the one eyed is not to be. In the photo eye scans they took two weeks before they would be doing surgery (it was scheduled for tomorrow originally) the doctor discovered that the uveitis is causing inflamation and swelling at the back of my eye again. The weird line drawing to the side is not a child's rendering of a hank of hair, or something else strange... ;D

The top line represents the normal shape, kind of, of the back of your eye in cross section.

The second line down is the original swelling I saw on the photos they took of the cross sections of my eye.

I still had some of the non-swollen area left in the back of my eye. My eye stayed free of any swelling for over three months after the initial injection of steroids into my eye socket to reduce the swelling.

Of course, this injection caused the cataract on my lens, which was kind of glossed over as a possible side effect...glaucoma was mentioned, and other effects were mentioned, but not the fact that the steriods themselves in that quantity would fog the lens in the eye and make it necessary to replace it. :}

The lower line is representative of the line the doctor drew for me this time of where the swelling is now that my immune system has decided to attack the eye again.

So, I got to go in and get another injection of steroids into my eye socket on monday.

Yes, fun and games boys and girls...it was almost as much fun to look forward to and experience as the actual cataract surgery, and now I still have that to look forward to as well. But now, I have even less sight in the eye until I can get the new lens in.

For those who are wondering, the reason they won't put the lens in while there is swelling at the back of the eye is because the surgery itself causes swelling at the back of the eye. The combination of the two can make you lose the sight in your eye permanently. Not something that I, or the doctors, want to risk. Even though I'm impatient to get back my depth perception, peripheral vision and all that.

Until then I'll just have to be...
the goddess of the lovely eye patch