27 October, 2016

Why the Garbage and Litter people?

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...
Civic Dr. in Gresham, Oregon
 This is symptomatic of a growing problem I see everywhere and hate. Our beautiful scenery despoiled constantly by garbage and litter.

I had just gotten off the light rail MAX train this particular evening following a mother and her two children and watched her throw the farthest away white sack out into this field right in front of her children as if it was the proper place to dispose of the garbage. As if it was the proper thing to be teaching her children. As if she wasn't two steps from crossing the street and half a block from a garbage can where it could have been thrown away correctly. And I could do nothing. I and my walker This is shared space of us all and they are trashing MY living space and it PISSES ME OFF!

I'd really like to see a few more littering tickets written and the laws enforced. Maybe then some of these people would get the point that their careless disregard for their environment is sickening and they are polluting the world that others have to live in.

From a pissed off goddess on a soapbox....climbing down...

26 October, 2016

Rediscovering Musicians

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

It's strange after a twenty plus year hiatus from most music because I couldn't stand the added pain to actually be able to enjoy listening to some music occasionally again. My soon to be ex-husband was a sweetheart and gave me his old ipod for my last birthday and I've been working to fill it up to listen to it during the walks I take. Smartphones just burn through battery power too fast IMO when you are also listening to music. But even when I rip the CD's I've got the stupid iTunes doesn't recognize them as music. Got to figure it out. But I am realizing that some of my favorite musicians didn't stop making music when I could no longer listen, and didn't start when I first heard of them. Like this one. Rick Springfield. LOL Some of you think he's just a heart throb. He's actually a singer, songwriter and composer as well as being an actor. And the guy plays several instruments. The Ballad of Annie Goodbody is off of his first solo album in the US (he's Australian) and I've discovered I really like it.

from a rockin' goddess