15 June, 2013

90% Used Books... something's got to go

...maybe some people?
Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me...

It's been a long time...It isn't as if I don't have things to say. The world is still turning. I still have teenage children, I'm still married and I'm still facing health issues that have made my life one of challenges from the time I can open my eyes in the morning until I may close my eyes at night.

My daughter has started me on some new loves however.She has taken my old loves of jewelry making, working with metal and wire and beads and glass and pearls and reminded me of just how much I have always LOVED to make jewelry. So that has become something I can maybe concentrate on when the pain gets particularly excruciating so that I can try to block it out for a bit.

I'm also trying to slowly set up her site for her jewelry at: http://fireinspired.blogspot.com/p/kumihimo.html She and her dad are the main forces behind "Fire Inspired Creations."

I'm going to try something a little strange with the extra stuff I have hanging around here. At least 90% seems to be books, but there is the odd knick knack, video, or strange piece of vintage whatever that I may want to get rid of, ....so since quite a few of my books are 2nd hand and library or goodwill or other thrift store finds, that I normally searched long and hard for to fill the gaps in the series. I will be posting small blogs about the books and other stuff  I'm selling and selling it on a blog called, appropriately enough: "Mostly Used Books for Sale" http://puzzledbooks4sale.blogspot.com/ and I'll probably be putting references and info in our librarything listing at: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/sprowett/yourlibrary . My books aren't first editions or anything. And some aren't in great shape. I'll be honest about that when I list them. But some of them were darn hard to find, and still seem to be, and if others are like me, and just want to read the darned story, they won't care as much if the spine is cracked, or if it has some water damage or a bent cover, as long as it's readable. If they care about that, they can look for it at Amazon or elsewhere. Some of these books have traveled hard roads to libraries, goodwills, garage sales and then into my voracious hands. : ) They stood no chance.

After checking into Amazon, Alibris, and Ebay, I just didn't feel like spending that much to get rid of things that are old friends...I may have to do it eventually. But I'll try this stubborn way first. And I didn't want to do Craig's list because I didn't want people coming by, I'm disabled and getting more agoraphobic by the day. And these aren't Free so no FreeCycle. I'd like to trade them for books I haven't read, or need to complete my current authors, or even maybe some older movie or song cd/ or dvd's I'm interested in. I'll see how this goes.

I'm here, just trying to dig out from the 20 years of sedentary life and realize that I've most likely got at least 10, if not 20 more. :D The puzzled goddess wants to be occupied!