16 August, 2011

Next time I agree to this short of a timeline....shoot me....

Some goddesses are puzzled by this...like me... I always let the helium float that hand up and say yes. I know better. Dayam. I knew better when I did the 2 charters for Stormgods. It burned me out for weeks. My disabilities and helium hand do NOT mix. There's more than one reason I had to stay home from Stormgods.

I knew better this time. But I'd promised Eleanor a charter for this reign and it was ALMOST done...not quite...so the guilt hit and I figured, (and Kerryk said, "you've got 4 weeks"). So I said yes to my first Kingdom commission scroll. The knight was put on vigil at Stormgods and was to be made a peer at Sport of Kings.

I said yes.  Then I was a dumb ass and double checked Kerryk and the calendar and discovered that there was less than 3 weeks to get it done....oh, shit. So I quickly read through all those notes I had from all those classes where the experienced scribes tell you what to do and who to contact. And I sent the emails out and waited for responses....and waited.

Checked the OP and the armorial and didn't see any arms so I talked to the Wrangler, but the candidate seemed to think it would be just fine to use his arms since they were in submission and he'd been told they were sure to pass and he had received a "letter" about his name.

2 weeks later I got the final word after contacting and not hearing from Lion's Blood. Even though the Scribal procedures call for scribes to get wording approved through Lion's Blood...Lion's Blood doesn't want to see it, and since Lion's Blood needs to sign all blazons and emblazons they do NOT want any scrolls created with out PASSED devices or names or they WON'T sign it, PERIOD. I didn't get the courtesy of this response, but at least Sable Sable did...It should be fun the NEXT time somebody tries to actually follow the scribal procedures as they are written in the scribes manual...hmm....guess not too many people do....or maybe too many people are and Lion's Blood is getting inundated. (I never checked back emails on the scribal list to see that THIS Lion's Blood didn't want to see scroll text. LOL So I could have gotten four days of that time back for myself if I'd just remembered that email going out awhile back, but I'm too forgetful, I always go back to the manual.)

Anyway, requests for info from other sources besides the individual himself were woefully lacking in information and uninformative. I was glad the people weren't talking about me. I got essentially "He's a good fighter, has won this award and wears armor this color." Wow....somebody told me he was really tall and he was a really sweet guy. Not a great deal to go on when you are trying to personalize something to make a memory for someone to last a lifetime. Luckily his Wrangler knew more, and since it wasn't a surprise, his Wrangler put him in contact with me and I could get some info out of him to add to the mix.

In a few days I'll post some pix of the scroll and how it went. Design inspirations, and all that so people can follow the thought process and see what a pain it is and how many mistakes are made when you can't take breaks when you are tired. Or when your one working eye is over strained and you are losing your depth perception. (I really am earning the OneEyed title lately!)

But it will have to wait until it's done....and after it's been awarded....at Sport of Kings...which I won't get to see. Hopefully, someone will get a picture.
from a puzzled and tired goddess